Woven card squares

A woven look for a coaster made from paper

Make an outline on paper around a card square (provided in the Craft Kit) or recycle any old coaster.
Cut out the paper square and then fold in half.
Make evenly spaced cuts in the paper from the folded edge and continue up to 1.5 cm from the opposite edge. Draw vertical lines as guides if this helps.
Open the paper square and take a colourful strip of paper of the same length as the square and weave it horizontally in and out of the cuts, as shown. Push the woven strip to the top of the paper square. Weave a second strip of paper next to the first but in the opposite way. Weave the next strip to match the first strip. Continue in this way until all the paper square has been covered with woven strips. Glue down the paper ends.
The colourful strips of paper for weaving can be taken from old magazines etc. or paper in the kits.
Woven coaster shown on card display.


The coasters can be given a coat of PVA glue for a decorative effect and also to make them stronger.