Gift tags & bookmarks

1. Cut out the templates provided to make your own designs for gift tags and bookmarks. Stick the back of the templates onto card from the Craft Kit or use any spare cardboard, for example recycled from a cereal pack.

2. Colour the templates as you like or make mosaics on them with paper or fabric.



3. A thin layer of non-toxic PVA glue painted over paper mosaics will give them a special finish and secure any loose corners.

4. Try adding felt, hessian and other materials to decorate your cards and personalise them as shown below.

5. Cut strips of hessian from the packaging sleeves of the Craft Kit to make bookmarks. Line the edges with masking tape to stop them from fraying. Leave plain, make a colourful design or decorate with Rag Art, as described in the Craft Kit.