At home you probably already have a good store of inexpensive items lying around that will be ideal for crafts and can be used with the kits. Here is an A to Z list of things to help you. We hope you really enjoy doing the Craft Kit.

A. Adhesives, Area for displaying all your crafts!
B. Beads, Bottle lids, Bubble-wrap, Buttons
C. Cardboard, Chalk, Charcoal, Clothes pegs, Cotton reels, Cotton wool
D. Double sided tape, Dried pasta shapes
E. Empty egg boxes, Extra envelopes
F. Fabric, Feathers, Felt pens, Felt squares, Foil
G. Glitter, Glue dots, Glue sticks
H. Handfuls of opportunities for creative ideas
I. Ingredients for cookery, Ink and Ink pads
J. Jars for storing beads and buttons
K. Kits for enjoying crafts, Knitting patterns and wool
L. Lace scraps, Letter shapes for stencilling
M. Magazine pictures for art work, Mosaic squares
N. Needles for sewing, Non-toxic paint
O. Old packets, cards and cartons, Overalls for messy work
P. Paint brushes, Paper, Pebbles, Pipe cleaners
Q. Quillpens for decorative writing
R. Rags, Ribbons, Recycled items, Recipes
S. Sellotape, Sequins, Shells, Shoe boxes, Stickers, Straws, String
T. Threads, Tissue paper
U. Unwanted items put to good use
V. Variety of other craft materials
W. Wool and Wood
X. XXX Kisses and praise for success – there is no such thing as failure!
Y. Yarn, Yellow and other bright colours
Z. ZZZ A good night’s sleep after enjoying crafts!