Craft Kit

craftkitimg1rThe Craft Kit enables you to enjoy some traditional craft skills and learn them in a relaxed way. It is suitable for both young and old and can be enjoyed on your own, with family or in groups of friends.

With the Craft Kit, you will be able to make items that give your home a personal touch and will also make really special presents. The kit is packed in a re-usable brown paper bag that can later be made into an attractive collage gift bag. The hessian sleeve can be recycled too and used in rag art activities.

At home you probably already have a good store of inexpensive items for crafting that can also be used with the Craft Kit.

The contents of the Craft Kit are in a brown paper bag (approx. 17cm x 9cm x 22cm) with taped handles and hessian sleeve. Inside the kit you will find:

  • 5 instruction leaflets.
  • A handful of soft, mixed coloured wool for felting.
  • About 25 finger-length strips of different coloured material for rag art.
  • A piece of natural hessian (approx. A4 size) with taped edges for rag art and a smaller sample piece of hessian that has been started for you.
  • A small wooden prodder for rag art.
  • 2 card squares, approx. 10 cm x 10 cm for mosaic art.
  • A 10g glue stick.
  • An A4 sheet with four picture templates.
  • 2 envelopes and 2 pieces of card of various sizes and colour for card craft.
  • Pieces of card, paper, felt and other fabrics of varying size and colour for use in mosaic and card craft.
  • A white paper plate with templates.

Kits may vary in the type, colour and size of the fabrics and card they contain. Some edges of card and material have been hand-cut and deliberately left uneven for a hand-crafted effect.

Special introductory price per kit £10.00 – including a hand-painted sheep peg

This Craft Kit is not a toy. Adult supervision advised. Unsuitable for children under 36 months.

For craft that inspires confidence & imagination