Recipes are included in the Craft Kit and also on our website because it is enjoyable for children to do some home cooking and an opportunity to have creative fun in the kitchen.

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There is a medicinal value of certain foods mentioned in our recipes, such as fruits and spices. Good quality cocoa can help to eliminate toxins from the body. Honey is a natural antibiotic and is well-known for its soothing effects.

Vanilla and cinnamon both help to stimulate the digestive system and ginger helps the immune system, as well as being used to alleviate the feeling of sickness. Further information can be found in our recipes.

Food can heal and nourish, so a healthy diet can help us feel uplifted and full of energy. However, some people have an intolerance to certain foods and others suffer from allergic reactions.   Alternatives to sugar, dairy products, wheat or gluten may be advised. Labels of processed food will need to be carefully checked.   Baking your own recipes allows you to decide what you put into the mixture, adapting ingredients to suit your own dietary requirements.

For children, the kitchen is a learning and creative environment and can be a fun one too! With adult guidance and support, children can be encouraged to try simple recipes and this may lead to improved behaviour, confidence, self-esteem, as well as a better understanding of food. They may begin to appreciate the value of home cooked food and the importance of following a sensible diet.

Teaching about hygiene in a kitchen is also necessary and that unpopular jobs like the washing-up just do not get done on their own! They are all part of the learning experience for young people. It is a good way to bond with your child and be happy.


Colourful baking cases for creative fun!
Colourful baking cases for creative fun!

The recipes on this website are kindly provided by Disability Action Yorkshire, which has produced its own recipe cookbook.

If using alternative ingredients, gluten-free flour available in shops, has a convenient mix of rice flour, potato flour, tapioca flour and others. This makes baking gluten-free cakes far easier for you.

A variety of colourful and safe kitchenware is available to encourage children to learn and enjoy themselves in the kitchen. These colourful bowls are examples:

Colourful equipment is available from Kitchen Craft
Colourful equipment is available from Kitchen Craft

A note from Judy (retired nutritional therapist)

“These simple recipes are excellent and fun to make;

Some of you may need to avoid flour, sugar, dairy products etc. for your health and it is so easy to use the alternative ingredients. These days you can find all these other foods in health shops or local supermarkets; many people are finding better health by using these alternative foods – and you are not missing out on your treats!

So good luck and happy baking!”

Judy Richardson, D.Th.D., D.N. Med, Nutritional Therapist

Author of “Family Baking” for those following a diet, which is free from either wheat, gluten, dairy, yeast, refined sugar, fat or egg.