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Fabric weaving on card

Use decorative or plain card and cut out triangles at opposite ends, as shown. Wind wool or string across the grooves of the card and secure the ends behind the card.

Cut strips of material and weave them through the wool as described above in paper weaving.
Trim any long ends to make it neater or secure them firmly behind the card.

To make the above design cut out circular sections from a piece of card. Place the card over the woven material and stick down together with the colourful buttons, as shown.

Card displays

An ideal, simple way of displaying your artwork made from the ideas in the Craft Kit:

Download the template shapes from the website, cut out the shapes and use as templates to cut these shapes from cereal packs or stronger cardboard for heavier pieces of artwork.

The smaller card display is ideal for showing off interesting designs on cardboard squares/coaster mats, such as this pattern made from used stamps.


The smaller card display could be used for a business card.

Sheep peg designs

1.     Cut two pieces of stiff cardboard approximately 15 cm long x 4.5 cm wide.  Make a small cut about 1 cm long, halfway along both short ends of one of the pieces of cardboard.

2.    Cut a piece of wool about 30 cm long and thread it into the cuts on the cardboard, as shown below.  Pull it tight, making sure that the ends of the wool are equal.
3.    Place the second piece of card on top of the stretched length of wool on the first card.  Wrap another length of the same wool about 10 times around the centre of the card, as shown.
4.    Release the two ends of the wool from the cuts that secured them and join them together to tie across the wool that was wrapped around the two cards.  Make a tight knot.
5.    Place the scissors between the cards on the opposite side from the knot and cut the wool so that a tassel of wool is made.
6.    Attach the tassel around the sheep with the two ends of wool that were originally in the two cuts.   If there is any remaining wool after wrapping around the cards 10 times, it should just pull away.

7.    Woollen coats can be made using wool of different thickness and in your favourite colours.





Children who are eight and younger are recommended to use child-safe scissors.

Small craft materials, such as beads, buttons and shells etc., which may be used in craft activities, are potential choking hazards. They are therefore not appropriate for use by any children under the age of three.

Adult supervision is generally advised where craft activities with children or vulnerable adults are involved.

Non-toxic glues are safer to use. Glue sticks may be easier to handle than liquid glue.

Personal hygiene is important and hands should be washed after craft activities, especially gluing.


At home you probably already have a good store of inexpensive items lying around that will be ideal for crafts and can be used with the kits. Here is an A to Z list of things to help you. We hope you really enjoy doing the Craft Kit.

A. Adhesives, Area for displaying all your crafts!
B. Beads, Bottle lids, Bubble-wrap, Buttons
C. Cardboard, Chalk, Charcoal, Clothes pegs, Cotton reels, Cotton wool
D. Double sided tape, Dried pasta shapes
E. Empty egg boxes, Extra envelopes
F. Fabric, Feathers, Felt pens, Felt squares, Foil
G. Glitter, Glue dots, Glue sticks
H. Handfuls of opportunities for creative ideas
I. Ingredients for cookery, Ink and Ink pads
J. Jars for storing beads and buttons
K. Kits for enjoying crafts, Knitting patterns and wool
L. Lace scraps, Letter shapes for stencilling
M. Magazine pictures for art work, Mosaic squares
N. Needles for sewing, Non-toxic paint
O. Old packets, cards and cartons, Overalls for messy work
P. Paint brushes, Paper, Pebbles, Pipe cleaners
Q. Quillpens for decorative writing
R. Rags, Ribbons, Recycled items, Recipes
S. Sellotape, Sequins, Shells, Shoe boxes, Stickers, Straws, String
T. Threads, Tissue paper
U. Unwanted items put to good use
V. Variety of other craft materials
W. Wool and Wood
X. XXX Kisses and praise for success – there is no such thing as failure!
Y. Yarn, Yellow and other bright colours
Z. ZZZ A good night’s sleep after enjoying crafts!





Gift tags & bookmarks

1. Cut out the templates provided to make your own designs for gift tags and bookmarks. Stick the back of the templates onto card from the Craft Kit or use any spare cardboard, for example recycled from a cereal pack.

2. Colour the templates as you like or make mosaics on them with paper or fabric.



3. A thin layer of non-toxic PVA glue painted over paper mosaics will give them a special finish and secure any loose corners.

4. Try adding felt, hessian and other materials to decorate your cards and personalise them as shown below.

5. Cut strips of hessian from the packaging sleeves of the Craft Kit to make bookmarks. Line the edges with masking tape to stop them from fraying. Leave plain, make a colourful design or decorate with Rag Art, as described in the Craft Kit.